3/1/2015 7:55:45 PM

OFFICE HOURS - March 2 - 5, 4:30 - 6:30

2730 Tinsley Drive, Bon Air, Virginia

Other times can be requested by email.
Varsity BAIT - Mon 3/2 8:30pm - Robious MS
Varsity BABT - Mon 3/2 7:30pm - Robious MS
Varsity BAAA - TBD

SPIDERS vs ST LOUIS - Mar 7 @ 8PM - Bon Air Allstars to play before the game!
Bon Air Basketball has been invited to play at the Robbins Center before the SPIDERS vs ST LOUIS game. The allstars selected and the coaches will recieve free tickets to the game and will play from about 6:30 - 7:00 (before warmups).  We plan for about 40 kids to get to play.

All other Bon Air Family members can purchase tickets for $5.

UserID: Bon Air
Password: babb

When:March 2 - 5, 4:30 - 6:30
Where:2730 Tinsley Drive, Bon Air, Virginia
Under the Bon Air water tower - to the right of Bon Air Seafood and Bon Air Butchers (buy a shrimp ball and some homemade sausage)
The office is NOT upstairs, it is around the corner on the lower level (two entrances have 2730).
Look for the Bon Air Basketball sign in the window.
Varsity BAIT - Mon 3/2 8:30pm - Robious MS
Varsity BABT - Mon 3/2 7:30pm - Robious MS
Varsity BAAA - TBD

Mitee Mite BAAA |  BAIT |  BABT |  BAPT Let the madness begin!
Minor BAAA |  BAIT |  BABT |  BAPT |  RVAB |  RVAG |  RVAW |  RVAR Let the madness begin!
Intermediate BAAA |  BAIT |  BABT |  BAPT |  RVAB |  RVAG |  RVAW Let the madness begin!
Freshmen BAAA |  BAIT |  BABT |  BAPT |  RVAB Let the madness begin!
Varsity BAAA |  BAIT |  BABT Let the madness begin!

#1 - Treat players, coaches, and referees with respect. Cheering is encouraged - otherwise, enjoy the game quietly.
#2 - NO FOOD OR DRINK IN GYMS AND NO PLAYING ON EQUIPMENT. Please help us keep the gyms and parking lots cleaner than we find them.  (see gym rules below)
#3 - ALWAYS check the website before leaving for a game or practice. Sometimes there are last minute changes. (website home page always trumps all other communication and/or printable documents - e.g. pdfs)
#4 - Bring folding chairs** with you to games (just in case). Not all gyms have enough bleachers and/or chairs (if any).
#5 - JERSEYS must be washed in cold water only, NO fabric softner, air dry (please do NOT put in dryer).

Today's Games
Sun - 03/01/15
JR1 James River High School [map]
1:00 PM V414 : Lombardozzi L @ V402 : Alan Stern - Varsity BAAA - Game 14 58 - 51
2:15 PM V409 : Alex Cecil @ V416 : Jeff Bond - Varsity BAIT - Game 11 59 - 46
3:30 PM V412 : Tom Slamkowski @ V405 : Jeff Berry - Varsity BABT - Game 9  
M22 M22 Gym [map]
12:00 PM I236 : Murrer/Lohman @ I248 : David Lyons - Intermediate RVAG - Game 17  

Important Documents
Madness 2015 "printable" Schedule02/20/2015 11pm
Bon Air Basketball - Concussion Release Form01/20/2015
Medical Release Form w/ Concussion Agreement11/09/2014
Bon Air Basketball - Rules of the Game09/27/2010
High School Basketball Rules02/03/2013
Bon Air Basketball - Registration Form 08/31/2012
Chesterfield County Background Check Policy (req'd for all coaches) 10/20/2010

There is no basketball without gyms, so we all must follow the rules as per county Parks & Rec...

"Just a reminder as we gear back up this coming weekend. Please enforce the rules listed below. Our staff will be out and about. We expect to have full compliance at all schools."

No alcohol, smoking or tobacco use on school property.
No admission fees.
No cooking or selling anything on school property.
No food or drinks in gym.
No bouncing balls off walls, in hallway, etc.
No use/altering of school property (gym equipment, wrestling mats, dry erase boards, bleacher moving, etc. )
No wandering through school. Only allowed in gym area.
Siblings/non-playing kids need to be contained IN the gym.
Parking should take place in the parking lot ONLY. Do not park in fire lanes, nor in unmarked spots.

If you see anyone at the gyms not following these rules, please ask them nicely to comply.

Thanks, Rob.

Contact Us
Weather Hotline(804) 748-1001 (Chestefield)
(804) 501-5132 (Henrico)
Gym Assistance(804) 748-1624 (Chesterfield)
gym specific (Henrico)

Calendar of Events (draft*) - subject to change based on school calendars
Sep 1 Registration Opens
Oct 21 Deadline for team registration (team roster must be confirmed by coach and all player registrations paid)
Oct 28 Registration deadline.
Nov 4 Rosters posted
Nov 5 Coaches/Team Meeting - Bon Air Elementary School Cafeteria 6:30-8:30pm
Nov 10 First week of practice
Dec 4 Games begin (Varsity - Dec 1)
Jan 3-4 Creech Classic 3v3 Tournament
Jan5 Season resumes
* subject to change